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We are a one source of industrial lubricating equipment.

We manufacture specialized lubricating systems and are authorized distributor of : Oil-Rite | Adams | Gits | Bowen | Essex Brass | Uniquip | Lube Device


Back engineering various vendor products to meet our specialized customer requests.

Automatic Liquid Spray Dispenser | Breather Filter Dryers | Oil Reservoir with Certified CE Solenoid | Limited Space Lubricator

TM Industries Uniquip | Grease Dispensers

Single Point Adjustable Metered Grease Lubricators...

... that automatically dispense the right amount of grease to a bearing...

Honest Consulting

We will advise you of the best solution to solve your problem. Our commitment, to solve your problem with the most efficient simplest solution, including final costs, considering all possible solutions, including your environment best material, simple engineering and long-lasting product life. We guarantee our equipment to perform as you requested or we accept return of our product at no restocking charge.

Past Experiences

We have many specialized pieces of our equipment in the field, including automated lubricating production lines, liquid level gauges 28 feet in height, high pressure window sights, all types of thread, including special NPT and straight thread, Metric, BSP etc.

Reliable Service

Our quotes specify exactly what you will receive: type of material being used, maximum working pressure and temperature limitations, price and delivery and any or special conditions.

Cost Effective

Your budget is a strong consideration in our selection of your problem, we consider all aspects when we recommend solutions including, design, engineering, type of material asked for or recommended, and delivery of the end product.

Best Delivery

Our delivery promise is accurate and factual. We properly ensure sufficient time for delivery from our suppliers. We account for sufficient manufacturing time for final tests to ensure a long-lasting product.

We don't over promise and under deliver.

Family Owned & Operated

Since the foundation of La Belle Lube (formerly Labelle Lubricants & Lining Ltd) this family business founded in 1978, has transformed itself into a major manufacturer and stocking distributor of lubricating equipment of Oil Rite Corporation.

We are a major stocking distributor of other manufacturers of lubricating equipment including accessories parts and complete units. ( Adams | Gits | Bowen | Essex Brass | Uniquip | Lube Device )

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