Manual Chain Lubricators

Manual Chain Lubricators

Manual Chain Lubricators are ideal for continuous operation. They are turned on and off with a toggle shutoff and liquid is dispensed through a brush riding the chain.

Liquid is fed to the brushes by gravity through an adjustable metered needle valve with a friction lock, which protects from loosening. The toggle shutoff is used to start and stop liquid flow, but will not affect the adjustment. Drop feeding is observed through the sight window.

The flexible bristles follow the contour of the moving chain and spread the liquid to all load-carrying points. This will result in reducing chain wear and helps extend the life of the chains. A measured amount of liquid, will spread over the chain, assuring proper coverage, prolonging chain life and reducing waste of liquid.

A spring closing cap is located on the top of all reservoirs. Remote mounts are also available on all models.

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