Steel Liquid Level Gages

Steel Liquid Level Gages

Typical Applications — Used to indicate level of lubricating oil supply at bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformers, switches, etc.

Compact Design — Can be installed easily in any location having enough clearance for a one-piece liquid level gage.

Simple Installation — Square shank with pipe thread screws horizontally or vertically into tapped hole. Options are available for difficult or irregular mountings.

Quality-Built — Shank body and cap are machined to close tolerance. Sights are clear glass and will withstand a tremendous amount of duress. For a leak-tight seal, Buna-N seals are furnished as standard. Other commercial seal materials are available.

Modifications Available — If desired, the elbow level gages can be supplied with high or low labels or level markings. In addition to the standard line, many special gages, similar to the ones described here, have been developed for customers’ specific applications. Should you have special requirements, our engineering service is available without obligation.

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