Milled Aluminum Gages

Milled Aluminum Liquid Level Gage

Milled Aluminum Liquid Level Gage These flush mount gages offer a rugged milled aluminum construction with a unique staked end body design to handle any industrial liquid level application. These gages can be used to view liquid levels in hydraulic reservoirs, gearboxes, bearing housings, crankcases, transformers and machinery oil reservoirs.

Fluid enters through a cross hole in the hollow lower bolt and is communicated back into the tank, through the cross hole in the hollow top bolt. The gage is offered in centerline lengths ranging from 3” to 36”.

The unique design of this gage minimizes parts and optimizes production capabilities thus offering a very competitive liquid level gage. The milled aluminum body provides adequate fluid visibility yet a rigid gage design. All aluminum components resist rust and corrosion.

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