Automatic Liquid Spray Dispenser

Automatic Liquid
Spray Dispenser

Customer Problem:

To lubricate on a continuous basis 41 lube points 24 hours each day, 7 days a week on each of 3 production lines.

Proposed Solution:

Only One , 2 gallon pressurized reservoir per line. These three air pressurized reservoir will individually shut down when empty, activated by a low level switch that will automatically start a pump on a 45 gallon oil drum , and fill the affected 2 gallon reservoir , when filled , the pump on the 45 gallon oil reservoir, will automatically stop the filling process , unless it was activated by any other 2 gallon reservoir, and when that 2 gallon reservoir is filled , it’s high level switch will activate the solenoid to the air supply and pressurize that 2 gallon oil reservoir, and go back on line.

If in the meanwhile any other 2 gallon reservoir, requires filling the same process will commence regardless of the conditions of the other reservoirs.

This process will operate until ALL three reservoirs are on line and operating fully.

Implemented Solution:

La Belle Lube has designed an automatic liquid spray dispenser for continuous use on any operating machinery. Designed for a customer in the food industry, who required a continuous operation 24/7 on a non-stop production process system. This design uses three two gallon air pressurized oil dispensers to lubricate three conveyer belts with 41 lubricating points on each line. The three 2 gallon reservoirs can be used together or individually, depending on the demand. They are all filled automatically by use of Hi and Lo level switches and by a series of 2 and 3 way solenoid valves.

Each 2 gallon reservoir is independent and can be operated alternately, installation requires a connection to a pressurized lubricated air supply and a standard electrical source of 120, 240 or 575 60Hz or 12 or 24 volts DC. This 3 set of 2 gallon reservoirs are filled automatically from a 45 gallon drum, which has a low level alarm.

This system, designed to supply continuous lubrication to 126 separate lubricating points on three conveyers, installed in 1992 and is still operating today.

Do any of your operating systems require something similar or a requirement to update your older systems?

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