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About LaBelle Lubricators

We are innovative, we think “out side of the box” we have developed unique ways to solve our customers’ problems. We very often receive calls and e-mails, with pictures from our long-standing customers saying, I am not sure if this is something you can help us with but? Our reply is Yes, we can help you.

We do, we study the situation and make a few suggestions on how to handle this particular situation, make recommendations, and the customer replies, sounds good and effective, let’s explore the possibility.

That is the time we start exploring the way to solve the problem to help our customer out of the dilemma he has. We ask for drawings, to ensure we are on the same page, no drawings available? Send a hand sketch of your thoughts, and what you want, then we join our thoughts together and arrive at a solution amicable to both. Now we start the design and offer solutions.

95% of the time we agree on the solution and the order is placed. Results another customer or the same one is pleased, and so are we.

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