Chain Lubricators

Chain Lubricators

All chains should be lubricated in order to protect a costly investment. You will profit by the recommendations made, since chain life will be increased many times. Even under dusty and abrasive conditions, lubrication is recommended. Only when it is impossible to lubricate should a chain be operated dry at a sacrifice in chain life.

The primary purpose of chain lubrication is to provide a film of oil at all load carrying points where motion occurs. This will reduce friction, minimize wear, stretch, corrosion, and reduce power consumption. Benefits obtained will pay for the lubricating equipment in a very short time. The proper selection of equipment for dispensing the lubricant to the wearing surfaces of the chain is of prime importance. Many factors influence the choice of equipment shown in this brochure.The selection of a suitable lubricant is equally important, and we suggest you consult your oil company.

All available with all types of voltage. A spring closing cap is located on the top of all reservoirs.

Drive Chains: The amount and type of lubrication are governed by the type of chain and operating conditions.The lubrication needed will depend upon friction and heat. All power drive chains create heat, some considerable, some little. Generally, the operating temperature should not exceed 160° F.

Conveyor and Elevator Chains: The lubrication of these chains depends upon many factors, and operating conditions usually govern the method of lubrication. We will be glad to make specific recommendations for individual applications.

Many methods of lubrication may be used which in most cases depend on the nature of the surrounding atmosphere. Clean atmosphere may permit the use of brush type lubrication. The existence of lint or non-abrasive dust suggests the use of chain cleaners, followed by brush lubricating. Chain cleaners are strongly recommended when abrasive conditions exist, and oiling even in these cases is considered advantageous as it will prolong chain life. Chains operating at elevated temperatures (above 250° F) can be lubricated by brush oilers with stainless steel brushes, or with stainless steel wire wheel brushes, which are rotated by the chain, transferring oil from a pan to the underside of the chains. Spraying is also widely used to lubricate “hot” chains.

Special methods of lubrication should be found, if possible, for chains which come in contact with material being handled. These problems are sometimes very difficult as the material itself might be very sensitive or prohibit the use of oil or grease.

Chain Brush Lubrication: The use of a brush is the most effective and reliable method of chain lubrication, avoiding excess oil, dripping and slippery floors. The bristles of a brush are flexible and will follow the contour of the moving chain thus spreading and distributing oil to essential high and low points. A brush will also perform a cleaning action in addition to oiling. Accumulated dirt and old lubricants are wiped off automatically. Brush type lubrication therefore accomplishes the dual function of oiling as well as cleaning. They may be selected from many styles, and if only a small space is available, components can be installed separately and connected with tubing.

Standard brushes for general purpose use have specially selected bristles for oil retention and good wear. They are normally furnished with all regular catalog items. Crimped black nylon brushes are available for greater wear resistance, longer life and are recommended for high speed chains. Crimped stainless steel brushes can be used for lubricating high temperature chains (above 250° F) as well as for cleaning.

Selection of brush size and mounting:

  • 1. Select lubricator with a brush size wide enough to almost cover the chain width.
  • 2. Whenever possible locate brush on the inside surface of the chain, so oil will penetrate chain links by centrifugal force.
  • 3. Brushes should ride the chain at a point where there is a minimum of sway to prevent damage to the brush.
  • 4. Rotate brushes occasionally and adjust to compensate for wear. Provision is made on nearly all units for a minimum of ½” brush wear.

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