Shank Brush Dispensers

Shank Brush Dispensers

Shank Brush Dispensers consist of a central oiler with single or multiple feed valves and copper or plastic tubing which connects to shank brushes.

This system allows single or multiple chain oiling from one reservoir. Remote mounting of brushes permit installation in extremely narrow quarters. Drop feeding is controlled by feed valves directly beneath central oiler, thus eliminating danger of reaching into drives in hazardous quarters. Shutting off oil supply on central oiler will immediately stop drop feeding of valves. The oil which remains in the tubing, however, will dispense to brushes. Central oilers can be equipped with 1 to 24 feed outlets. Manual or automatic solenoid valve controlled models are available

A spring closing cap is located on the top of all reservoirs. Remote mounts are also available on all models.

All models of shank brush dispensers are available either manual or electric.

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